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Golf Tournaments are generally held on a single basis and may be incorporated with team play.

Image Golf Tournaments are often held on an individual player basis and may be incorporated with team play. 

In general a Golf Tournament will span 3 to 4 days of competition.

The purpose of a Golf Tournament is for an individual amateur to experience the ranks of professional play and increase their skill.

Those players wishing to participate must have proof of handicap.

One-day events are perfect for company tournaments with perpetual trophies supplied to winners.

Golf Tournaments are sponsored to a higher level than a corporate golf day and prizes are generally more substantial.


Golf Destinations provides full coordination of a Golf Tournament including sourcing suitable course/s, accommodation/transfers, associated events such as cocktail parties, breakfasts or group dinners, perpetual trophy and other awards, video footage, & sponsor liaison.

For a Golf Tournament to be successful you need to  market through suitable channels to attract participants.


ImageGolf Destinations has a wide network group within the Golfing community, which would greatly assist in achieving the success of any Golf Tournament.

Golf Destinations will coordinate all management & services in any location in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia

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